Birth injuries caused by medical errors can be life shattering and may result in developmental delays, neurological injuries or death. Despite parents taking all the right steps to ensure a healthy and happy child, a mistake leading up to and even in the delivery room can lead to a lifetime of consequences for a newborn baby and his or her family. Birth injuries may be caused by insufficient pre-natal care, injuries during delivery, failure to perform a Cesarean section or failure to provide appropriate medical care to the newborn baby. These types of mistakes can lead to developmental disorders like cerebral palsy, can cause a child to be born with an intellectual disability or brain damage, or can lead to physical deformities. All too often, families of children with devastating outcomes during or after birth do not obtain the right answers and are not ever told that their child’s injuries could have been prevented and were caused by a medical mistake. While nothing can eliminate the devastation you feel or the harm that was done to your child, often times, careful examination of medical records and consultation with medical experts can provide some answers and the compensation you need to care for you injured child.  


Ashley Hunt

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