A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury, whether it is physical, psychological or emotional, as the result of an accident. The injury can arise from a variety of sources, including car accidents, toxic exposure and poisoning, defective products, defective premises conditions, nursing home neglect, and other acts of negligence. A personal injury can be less severe and temporary, or catastrophic and long-term or permanent. Regardless of the severity of your injury, if the harm you suffered is caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to and deserve to compensated for your injuries and losses. specific needs If you or someone you know has been injured by the careless actions of another person, contact The Curran Firm, P.C. right away to find out if you have a legal claim. A successful personal injury award or settlement will allow you to recover financial compensation for medical bills you have incurred in the past and will incur in the future, for wages you lost as a result of your injury in the past and will lose in the future, and for the pain, suffering, and loss of life’s pleasures that you have endured as a result of an injury that occurred through no fault of your own. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania puts strict limitations on the time frame for filing a lawsuit suit, and it is extremely important to file your lawsuit within those time limits so you do not lose your rights and your opportunity to receive full and fair compensation.. The Curran Firm, P.C. specializes exclusively on personal injury claims and have developed the expertise and skills to maximize your recovery, so call today!

Ashley Hunt

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