Traumatic brain, head and spinal injuries are permanent injuries that are always life changing, and affect the lives of both the victims and their families who care for them. These injuries, whether involving permanent paralysis or not, are often caused by the fault of others. Examples include surgical error, automobile or motorcycle collisions, construction site mishaps, chemical exposure, defective products, machinery failures, playground accidents and tragic injuries during birth. Additionally, the medical community is learning more and more every day about concussions and the long-term harm and risks that concussion victims suffer from but are often difficult to detect. Concussions and brain injuries can result from high impact, severe head-trauma such as a direct blow to the head, but also from far less significant traumas such as whiplash from a car accident even if the person did not hit their head. While insurance companies and defendants attempt to downplay concussions and the massive impact it has on victims and their families, The Curran Firm, P.C. has handled hundreds of cases involved concussions and brain injuries, and have the experience and specialized knowledge to get you both the care you need and the compensation you and your family deserves.

Ashley Hunt

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